It's all about Cryogenius.


Always looking for new Cryo-Genes

Demaco has done it. Proudly on top of the Food Chain of the cryogenic services. Lord and master of the cryogenic infrastructure. Maybe even with one of the best engineers and maybe using the best products available. Admittedly, Demaco has to deal with some resistance here and there, because all parties want to be a little Lord and a little master. But this craftsmanship, these dynamics and this high-level knowledge of Demaco defies the odds.

Do you, just like everyone at Demaco, have cryogenic cells in your blood next to the red and white ones? Then please contact us. To be the best student of the cryogenics class, Demaco had to be good at two things. First of all, you should be able to always think along with the customer. To be able to think of good solutions for complete engineering problems. Furthermore, you should have a clear engineering mind- that makes you go with the high-quality ‘stuff’- that is being supported by indispensable craftsmanship, great manufacturing and the necessary certificates. The burden of proof. There can’t be a high level of engineering without this consistently high level of manufacturing. Completed with strict registration and certification. It would be hard to imagine otherwise. What could be manufactured and certified, if the engineering is still working on an amateur level?

So. Do you see your future in the creation of very high-end cryogenic infrastructures? In the engineering phase, the manufacturing phase or the installation? Call us, mail us. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn in the meantime.