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Demaco Vacuum insulated Piping (VIP)

Vacuum insulated transfer lines  – or VIP,  our internally used abbreviation of “Vacuum Insulated Piping” – are the basis for our cryogenic infrastructures and thus real “VIP’s” in our business. Like the name suggests, this concerns transfer lines for almost all liquefied gasses which are insulated by high vacuum and radiation shields. On a yearly basis, Demaco manufactures about 12 km of such transfer lines, varying in diameter from DN10 to 12”. Bigger diameters are also possible.

Vacuum insulated transfer lines are always manufactured on a customer-specific basis- if desired, after on-spot measurements are taken by us. The lines that are manufactured by Demaco are often installed on-site, with the choice left to the client, whether welded couplings or Johnston couplings are used (see separate product description). A special type of VIP has been designed for the transport of CO2 and LNG.


VIP - Drawing

VIP – Drawing

welded connector

welded connector