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Demaco Subcooler

Liquid Nitrogen will evaporate through input of energy. This process will be slowed down by good insulation and cryogenic constructions with high energy resistance. However, Nitrogen is a boiling liquid which will always partly evaporate. To be able to sprinkle liquid Nitrogen on or inject it into objects, without gas forming, the nitrogen has to be cooled down by means of a subcooler.

For this application, Demaco delivers various subcoolers. The pressurized liquid Nitrogen will be further cooled by means of a heat exchanger, which has been dipped in a container of liquid, atmospheric Nitrogen. Together with supply valves, everything is built together in one vacuum insulated device. The Nitrogen level in the atmospheric internal vessel is regulated by means of a level controlling system.

Subcoolers can be provided with open-close valves and/or control valves, which allows the outgoing nitrogen flow to be controlled to perfection.

Subcooler 700x386

special equipment with built-in subcooler

Subcooler2 700x386