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Demaco Gas Vent

Despite the excellent vacuum isolation there is some heat ingress in vacuum isolated nitrogen systems. Because of this heat ingress and because of pressure losses in the system, a small amount of the liquid nitrogen evaporates and nitrogen gas emerges. Especially with low or no flow this can lead to an accumulation of gaseous nitrogen in the pipework, which can impede the flow in a system.

By building an automatic gas vent on the highest point of the nitrogen system, the emerged gas will be abducted from the system at times where no or small amounts of nitrogen are taken away. Like this, the nitrogen system itself will stay filled with liquid nitrogen and it will always be available at the supply points.

The automatic Demaco gas vent t is available in different configurations and is fully vacuum isolated. Furthermore it is fully mechanical, so neither electric voltage, nor compressed air is needed.

Please find here a short animation of the functionning of a Demaco Gas Vent: