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Demaco Filling Systems

For the transport of liquid Nitrogen, dewars and closed transport containers are used between the storage tank outside and the application inside in laboratories, hospitals and cryo banks.

To fill these dewars and transport containers, Demaco has designed a range of filling systems. These can be positioned near the storage tank or inside a building in a well-ventilated room.

Next to a filling system for open dewars (type FS-D) or closed transport containers (type FS-V), Demaco has also designed a filling system which makes it possible to fill both types (type FS-DV).

The filling systems are manufactured columnary from stainless steel. The control panel is placed at an ergonomic height. The external connections are placed on the backside. The connection between the filling systems and the dewar/transfer vessel is provided by means of highly flexible hoses.

Filling systems of the type FS-DV are equiped with an internal vacuum insulated phase separator, which is responsible for the conditioning and storage of liquid Nitrogen. Furthermore, it is PLC controlled, which makes it possible to define the amount of nitrogen tapped by each single user.

Filling station FS-D met container 700x386

Filling station FS-D with container

Filling station FS-D 700x386

Filling station FS-V