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All about our market in the space industry

Demaco is also a trustworthy partner for renowned names in the Space industry. In the European Space Centre in Noordwijk in the Netherlands, satellites are being tested in European context, before they can eventually be launched to fly around the earth. In big testing chambers, the satellites are exposed to very high, as well as very low temperatures. It’s a simulation of different circumstances in space, in which the satellite is either exposed to the sun or not (a huge difference in temperature). The cold shadow side is simulated using cooling shields, cooled down by liquid nitrogen, attached to the walls of the simulation room. During the past years, Demaco has manufactured some valve boxes for ESA ESTEC, which are being used for the distribution of the nitrogen in the different testing chambers. INOX built a new launching platform for satellite carriers for ISRO in India. Demaco played an active role in the development and manufacturing of the infrastructure of the cryogenic piping. This included pipes for liquid hydrogen and oxygen with very high pressures. The total length of this network is 1,3 km! A wonderful project, where we could actively participate in the engineering part as well.

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