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All about our market in the Liquefied Natural Gas industry

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is developing very strongly worldwide. Natural gas in liquid state makes it possible to cross great distances (often per boat). In Europe more and more big receiving terminals are being built, where the liquid gas can be stored until it is needed. The amount of applications increases daily with the environmental benefits natural gas has to offer. For example transport companies have switched to LNG as fuel for their trucks. Also the inland waterway transport sector, having to meet stricter environmental demands every day, will probably switch from diesel to LNG as well in the following years. For Demaco, LNG is just a ‘normal’ gas like all the others, with a temperature of -162 degrees Celsius even ‘on the warm side’. In the past years, Demaco has run several projects for the benefits of LNG. Vacuum isolated piping was delivered for a so-called loading arm in Norway, for example, and a few kilometres of transfer lines have been delivered and installed for the use on terminals in Scandinavia. Demaco is closely involved in the developments of LNG applications in the Netherlands. It takes part in the meetings of the advisory board of the foundation LNG Technology, Research and Development. Together with renowned parties such as Gasunie, Shell and Vopak.

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