It's all about Cryogenius.
11 January 2021

Completion of production and assembly at SLAC, California

Demaco is very proud that this gigantic project at SLAC in Menlo Park, CA, could be completed despite all the challenges surrounding COVID-19. With a special license, we were able to deliver the total cryogenic infrastructure to three parties: Jefferson Lab, SLAC (Stanford University) and Fermilab.

In addition to many meters of vacuum insulated multiple transfer lines, the two distribution boxes, interface boxes and the entire measurement and control technology were designed by Demaco, built and assembled on-site by our own field engineers (who can always use reinforcements!).  It’s all about Cryogenius.

We thank you for the different assignments, the good cooperation and support during the whole We thank for the different assignments, the good  cooperation and support during the whole project phase the employees of SLAC Javier Sevilla, Robin Christenson, Rick Erickson, Jesse Peralta, Dirk Pflueckhahn, Scott Kaminski. At an earlier stage: Jennifer Aral (purchase), Vincent Heloin, Jerry Love, Greg Johnson.

As well as Mitchell Laney, Melissa Torres, Connor Kaufmann, Mike Bevins (Jefferson Laboratory) and Arkadiy Klebaner, Andrew Dalesandro, Robert Cibic, Alex Martinez, Benjamin Hansen (Fermilab)

Our thanks also go to all the non-mentioned employees of the three scientific institutes.

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