It's all about Cryogenius.


Our Mission

Demaco is the leading knowledge-driven cryogenic infrastructure partner for industrial gas companies, scientific institutes and EPC contractors worldwide. Our team of cryogenic specialists, Cryogeniuses, is committed to supporting our partners in their daily effort to transport and condition all liquefied gasses. By advising on, designing, engineering, manufacturing, testing and installing customer-specific vacuum insulated solutions of superior quality, we continuously provide the highest yielding infrastructure in the industry. It’s all about Cryogenius.


Afbeelding Activities

Our Activities

Demaco’s field of interest is cryogenics. Cryogenic technology. A very specialised field, which has been carefully built up over the past years. It is a technology that deals with extremely low temperatures (-160 degrees Celsius and below), where industrial gasses are being used as coolants. And this goes hand in hand with high vacuum. Because cryogenic technology asks for extreme isolation and high vacuum technology makes that possible.
Demaco applies these techniques with producers of industrial gasses and for end users of liquid gas, as used in the food industry, pharmaceutical companies, automotive, aerospace (such as ESA: creation and implementation of the European space programs and satellites) and medical (think of oncology, laser treatment and blood banks). Also research institutes (for example CERN: fundamental research of elementary particles) and universities work together closely with Demaco. In a lot of cases, it is about the transportation and conditioning of liquid Nitrogen (LN2); also liquid Helium (LHe) and liquid natural gas (LNG) are well known media. Demaco advises, engineers, manufactures, tests, installs, documents, certifies and maintains cryogenic infrastructures. It’s all about Cryogenius


Afbeelding History

Our History

Just like a lot of other technical companies, you can see how Demaco evolved towards a certain specialism over the past decades. As if they wanted to gain experience in other fields, while the selected expertise had already long been found. Demaco Holland was established by Theo Dekker in 1960 and then focused mainly on the manufacturing of agricultural tools. Out of this activity, the company developed into a machine manufacturer, but was looking for specialisation in the eighties already. In the mid-80s, Demaco found them. It was then, when Demaco first got in touch with the field of cryogenics. A field that stuck, that intrigued. A field that even rose as one of the two pillars of the company in the years following, next to the speciality of machine manufacturing. In 1996, the decision was made to take leave of the latter and fully focus on cryogenics. Daring. But wise. Because Demaco is now a renowned company in the field of cryogenics and vacuum technology. Nationally and internationally a prominent face. With appealing projects on their list of references. And with a clear opinion on how to make the best cryogenic infrastructures.


Afbeelding Departments

Our Departments

If you would give every department their own room, we would need room for consultancy, engineering, manufacturing, testing, installation, maintenance, documentation and certification. Luckily, that isn’t the case. Because we have the unbelievable quality of deliberating a lot with each other. How we can keep the projects on this always-and-forever high level. And the ‘walls’ of the so-called departments would be in the way of that. Of course we don’t all sit together at the engineering or in the factory. And ‘sales’ has its own place as well. But at Demaco we don’t do ‘departments’ and ‘service branches’ with corresponding ‘consultative bodies’. Unless it improves cryogenic infrastructures. In that case, we would have it introduced within minutes. We have told you about the complete spectrum of cryogenics before. That if you succeed in this, you will get the chance to be considered worthy of the title ‘Cryogenius’. As a team. As a whole. As a company. And with all due respect, interim reports as semi-finished products are not part of that. But again: Unless it improves cryogenic infrastructures. In that case we would have it introduced within minutes.

Quality and Safety

Afbeelding Quality and Safety

Our quality and safety

Without the right certificates, you are obviously not allowed to call yourself ‘Cryogenius’. In the chapter of service on this site, you can read about there being no problems on that account. But certification alone doesn’t suffice. If it is about the high standard of quality and safety, you are going to need more evidence. And that is found in practice, of course. In our workplace. Or in the workplace of our clients. Let’s say it as follows: It’s all about Cryogenius. If you know what it takes to be part of the worldwide cryogenic top, then you will know that good is not good enough and safe is not safe enough. One more cryogenic step. With the right certification, the right knowledge, the right urge to gain and renew this knowledge over and over again. To know what you are doing and what this can signify for the safety of humankind and environment.