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Afbeelding GSI FAIR - The manufacturing has started!
30 October 2020

GSI FAIR - The manufacturing has started!

Demaco is involved in one of the biggest scientific projects in Europe these days: FAIR at GSI in Darmstadt (D). In December 2019, we signed the contract, where Demaco has been commissioned to design, produce, supply and install the cryogenic distribution system for SIS 100. The design phase of the…

Afbeelding Demacademy 2.0
22 October 2020

Demacademy 2.0

Also in these times, Demaco continues to innovate and invest in its employees. Last week, our internal training plan Demacademy 2.0 officially came live with support from the learning platform for the technology called #oZone. #oZone is a user-friendly learning environment, developed for and by technical companies. In #oZone, you…

Afbeelding VDI Cryogenics Forum (Germany) October 2020
20 August 2020

VDI Cryogenics Forum (Germany) October 2020

From 70th to 9h October 2020 the German organisation VDI will organise the 47th  Forum on Cryogenics. Topics are basics and working technics, status quo and trends in cryogenic development and applications. Besides, you can also experience “Living Cryogenics” during a guided tour at KIT (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie), which…

Afbeelding New Demaco Webshop
1 July 2020

New Demaco Webshop

Our department Demaco Vacuum Technology is a specialist in the field of high-vacuum technology, representing exclusively renowned brands. Their suppliers, and the Demaco products, belong to the top of the market in their field of activity. In line with this, we proudly announce our brand new Demaco Vacuum Technology webshop…

Afbeelding Cryogenics in Space...
12 June 2020

Cryogenics in Space...

Wow, a temperature of -270073.15°C, a few billionth degrees above absolute zero; that makes Cryogenius happy! And that flies around at 28,000 km/h at 400 kilometres above our heads in the space station ISS. In the attached article (NRC, the science section of 12 June 2020) we can read that…

Afbeelding First Demaco Cryogenics Webinar
25 May 2020

First Demaco Cryogenics Webinar

Only one month ago, we announced the first Demaco Cryogenic Webinar on May, 6th  at 15:30 CEST. About 300 interested people from all over the World subscribed for this  exclusive webinar on cryogenics for industrial applications and trends in the industry. 231 actually followed the whole session and learned about…

Afbeelding Installation 2.0
12 May 2020

Installation 2.0

Due to the worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus, a large number of installations have been put on hold.  Slowly but surely these and of course new projects can be scheduled again. This means overloaded installation planning. Demaco is in possession of four fully equipped installation vans. However, this does not…

Afbeelding Support for deficits in the ICUs
14 April 2020

Support for deficits in the ICUs

Demaco is proud to have contributed to OperationAIR (Assist In Respiration), a project of a TU Delft student team. In recent weeks, the young scientists have been working on the development of a safe and fast to produce respirator that can be used in case of possible shortages due to…

Afbeelding ASuMED – the next step
30 March 2020

ASuMED – the next step

ASuMED is a project under the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union. One of the goals of the Horizon 2020 programme is the development of a fully superconducting electric motor to power a new generation of commercial aircraft. Demaco, together with the international partners of the ASuMED project, is…

Afbeelding Factory Acceptance Test DESY
22 March 2020

Factory Acceptance Test DESY

In the coming year, a new experiment called ALPS2 (Any Light Particle Search) will be constructed at our customer DESY in  Hamburg (Germany). The purpose of the project is to find elementary particles called axions. Demaco, as the preferred cryogenic partner for many scientific institutes worldwide, was awarded last year…